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(Published) How can cultural tourism become a real tool for development in Africa?

“African culture genuine economic leverage”

The countries of Africa have a very rich culture and diversity, these cultural values allow each to identify. Many African cities have cultural places and monuments that should attract tourists from around the world.

But the sectors of culture and tourism are not generally a priority because they are not perceived as engines of development. The fact that the cultural sector and the tourism sector do not work in collaboration means that cultural activities will not be a wealth for the countries of Africa. Culture in Africa is perceived as a tool for asserting identity or as a producer of cultural goods and services, while tourism is seen as an axis of development. This lack of cohesion between the two results in disintegrated vision and poor planning.

As a result, African countries derive little economic benefit of their cultural wealth. If the government could plan good development policies by putting in place a relationship between culture and tourism.

In addition, the development of national and sub-regional tourism is low.

This sector could offer lasting alternatives to the seasonality of international tourism, whose activity is limited to a few number of months.