Of work and all things after !!

As we were still learning the nuances of Design Thinking , heat mapping , geo localisation and the likes of that , an after work was a welcome relief and a great way to break the ice with SAP professionals and our clients ( Stade Toulousain and City Metropole).

The setting was at Le Coq D’or , one of the upscale restaurants in the heart of the city and the ambience was informal and relaxed.The turnout was  pretty impressive in quantity as well as quality !

Apart from Mr.Kevin (insert last name here ) , Mr.(SAP guy), Mr. Julien (insert last name ) of Stade Toulousain and Ms. Emmanuelle Delfosse  ; Mr. Stephane Bernard also took time off his busy schedule and attended the event . What with his birthday coinciding with the function ! We were successful in embarrassing him by singing the classic birthday-song 😀

It was a fitting opportunity for the students of both the campuses (Paris and Toulouse ) to blend and know each other better. Emails and Facebook friend requests were exchanged and promises to meet each other for electives were passionately made , justifying the purpose of the event.

Everyone was seen enjoying the rather generous portion of tapas and more importantly , the pineapple juice based cocktail 😉

The evening was rounded off early but not before gaining insight into the intriguing world of SAP and getting the glimpse of the extent our moves are watched .

It was our ‘design thought of ‘ way to have fun !


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